Poster information

The posters will be displayed at the Jubilee Hall, right opposite the lecture hall. All posters can be displayed the whole duration of the meeting.

Two poster sessions are scheduled during the meeting. Presenting authors are requested to be at their poster during their designated session.
Poster session 1: Thursday, September 28, 19:00-22:00 (with refreshments): even poster numbers
Poster session 2: Friday, September 29, 13:05-15:45 (combined with lunch): uneven poster numbers
Poster List


Poster presenters are requested to respect the following poster size:
Oversized A0 900x1245mm// 35 7/16 x 49 inch - Portrait, NOT landscape please

We advise not to laminate your poster as it will complicate attachment.

  • Posters should be readable by viewers one meter away. The poster should contain the title of the submitted abstract, the author(s)’ name(s) and affiliation at the top. The organization will provide mounting materials to fix posters.
  • Posters can be put up from the start of the meeting and must be removed by the end of the last poster session on Friday.
  • Delegates are not allowed to take pictures from slides during the presentations, nor from the posters without the consent of the authors.